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Are you tired of waiting around for love to find you? Are you sick of the games, the ghosting, and guys who aren't serious about love? Take your love life into your own hands and use a proven process to double your dating. Guaranteed.

You ARE The Bachelorette!

Want to date like you're on a reality show? Do you want tons of amazing suitors lined up to be with you? It's all possible with Double Your Dating.

Can we have an honest conversation about your dating life?

It's easy for women to blame their dating life (or lack there of) on men. Men aren't asking them out, men are creeps, men only want one thing...

But whose dating these men? You!

If you want better, you need to expect better, and in this program I show you the step-by-step method for rooting the bad boy blood out of your system and going after the guys perfect for you.

The Double Your Dating system is based on the principles that run the world's economy. Quite simply, the Double Your Dating process is your own personal marketing and sales system.

As a 17 year marketing professional my job is to help clients capture leads and convert them into customers. Dating is no different.

In this program I teach you how to find leads and the step-by-step process for qualifying them for a chance to be with you.

To get something you've never had, you have to try something you've never done.

Does the idea of dating fill you with anxiety?

Are you exhausted by the thrill of the chase just to get let down over and over again by guys who just don't have what it takes to win your heart?

Is the idea of putting yourself out there fill you with dread and make you wish someone would just arrange a marriage for you?

What if you could arrange that marriage for yourself?

Dating is all about momentum.

Momentum builds when you implement the exact steps at the exact moments to propel your love life forward.

What if you could drive that momentum for your own love life? Would you take that opportunity?

What if you knew exactly how to attract the man of your dreams and could move the relationship forward without drama, games, or analysis?

Doubling Your Dating Successes

I had been out of the dating scene for awhile but when I started using this processes I was floored by how natural it all felt. In one summer I went on over 25 dates! It was so exciting to see a system that actually got results!


All my friends wonder where I've disappeared to...I tell them I'm busy dating! Double Your Dating had me skeptical at first, but once I practiced the process I saw how quickly I could get results without a ton of effort!


I'm pretty traditional and believe that men should lead out with dating, but I got tired of waiting around for my love life to start. I finally did what Double Your Dating said and I immediately got dates. It wasn't easy, but it was simple and now I feel like I'm making my dreams happen.


I'm pretty shy and introverted so the idea of pursuing guys was terrifying to me. I bombed hard the first few times and I almost quit, but I knew the old way I had been doing things wasn't working. This program gave me the tools and permission to harness my shyness to date on my terms.


Here's What You'll Learn

  • The Dating Snowball

    This week will show you how the Double Your Dating Process works and how you will fill your time and your calendar with awesome dating opportunities.

  • Dating Systems

    Learn the systems that will keep your love life running. Sounds crazy, but finding love is all about the process. These tools will keep everything on track.

  • 90 Seconds to a Date

    Flirting how to do it the RIGHT WAY. You will learn the simple 4 step process to master any conversation – online or in person – that will get you a date every time.

  • Building Momentum

    Learn how to create momentum with your dating life by understanding and practicing the first two stages of dating. These will keep you from pre-committing as well as backing out too soon.

  • Understanding the Role of Rejection

    Understanding the Role of Rejection and how to end it in a healthy way. Also we’ll talk about how to process rejection when it happens to you.

  • When to Get Physical

    Wrapping things up with the perpetual next steps, lessons learned, warnings, and rules for getting physical.

Doubling Your Dating Leads To Marriage

Nicole is a power house driven sales professional with 2 Masters Degrees and now 2 kiddos! For years Nicole dated the wrong men, but following this system she finally found the right one.

"I tell everyone that marketing got me married! It created order and clarity out of the seemingly chaotic world of dating. Thank you for helping me get here!"

Traci is everyone's best friend. She's warm, loving, intelligent, spiritual, athletic, and loves adventure. She's recently embarked on her greatest adventure so far: marriage! Traci found her husband by working the marketing process over and over again and her efforts paid off.

"I just experienced the most magical day of my life, but I worked for it. And this program is what taught me how to do the work. Thank you for bringing this into my life."

Suzy was an inner city school teacher who gave her heart to the kids she taught, but no one else. Years of trying to date had left her frustrated and tired of trying. She was skeptical when she started the process believing she shouldn't have to do the "man's job" of pursuing, but she kept with it. After a move across the country she found herself starting over in new scenery with new men! Employing the Double Your Dating process, Suzy jump started her dating efforts and quickly found her dream guy.

"I'm so grateful this process pushed me out of my comfort zone. It empowered me to look at and consider others I might not have. Thank you for teaching me how to find love."

Melissa is a powerhouse nurse who loves the adrenaline of life flight helicopter rides. Her busy schedule kept killing her love life and any momentum she would build with men was quickly eclipsed by her need for sleep after days of living in the ER. She wanted consistency and needed something to push her out of her house. After only weeks into the process she met the man she married just months later.

"I cannot believe after years of regular dating that this process worked so quickly. I dated a ton and I wouldn't have met my husband without you pushing me out of my comfort zone. Thank you!"

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Double Your Dating Course

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  • Week 2: Dating Systems - $997 Value
  • Week 3: 90 Seconds to a Date - $397 Value
  • Week 4: Building Momentum - $197 Value
  • Week 5: Understanding the Role of Rejection - $497 Value
  • Week 6: When to Get Physical - $197 Value

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